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Trapping with a large hand pre-flop, by Alex KravchenkoNO Deposit bonus $43

akravsmall.jpgby Alex Kravchenko

One of an important strategies in MTTs is varying your game. That implies that during similar situations with similar hands it's important to occasionally play a unique way. For example, if in case you have a large hand pre-flop and there is a raise in front of you, sometimes you re-raise and infrequently you simply call.

I think there are two major factors that affect your decision. First is your opinion a couple of raiser - it's important to be more willing to name against a loose aggressive player who's bluffing so much after the flop. Also this sort of player is raising with a large number of hands pre-flop, so it's harder for him to outdraw you. And after all, in case your image is solid, he's going to fold nearly always while you three-bet (things are different in case you are re-raising so much - for that reason could also be three-bet is the simpler option, since you can expect a four-bet re-steal attempt).

The second factor is: Who's sitting behind you? If there are a pair aggressive players there then you definitely can attempt to provoke them to squeeze when you call. That is one of the profitable situations in tournament NL Hold'em, when somebody puts a large three-bet raise on a bluff, then you definately move all in, forcing your opponent to fold. It means you'll be able to win an enormous amount of chips without showdown and without a chance of losing.

I wish to illustrate this idea with the examples of 2 hands which I played within the Bellagio Cup 15k Main Event in July, 2009. This tournament had a really perfect slow structure, so even within the late stages the play was deep enough. These two hands happened on day three. Within the first one the blinds were 2,000-4,000 (500 ante). Before the hand I had 155,000 chips, which was about 2/3 of the typical stack. We were nine-handed. The UTG player opened with 10,500 and that i picked up K-K in second position. The explanation why I just called is that my table image can be solid - and that applied to this actual table besides. I ASSUMED that if I re-raised on this position it might kill the entire possible action behind. So I called - after which the cut-off player put a large re-raise of 60,000. Everybody folded, including the unique raiser, and that i went all in for 155,000 and my opponent was priced to name together with his A-Q suited. Nothing bad happened and that i doubled up.


The second hand was played on the end of the similar day. With 27 within the money, there have been 37 left within the tournament. We were playing seven-handed, with blinds at 4,000-8,000 (1,000 ante). My stack was about 420,000, which was slightly above average. Jeff Madsen (250,000 chips) was sitting to my left, so on this hand I USED TO BE at the small blind and he was the massive blind. The second one position player raised as much as 20,000, everybody else folded to me within the small blind where I had A-K suited. The best way the raiser put his chips in gave me a sense that he was not strong, and that i thought that perhaps Jeff noticed it also. So I MADE UP MY MIND to call, hoping he would attempt to steal this pot with a re-raise. My plan was that he would raise about 75,000, then I MIGHT move all in and simply pick up about 100,000 in chips.

To my surprise he moved in with all his 250,000 chips, and the unique raiser folded. Now I knew that he had a hand, however the question was how strong? I USED TO BE thinking for approximately two minutes and made a choice. I wasn't really expecting myself to fold, but I THINK that if I'm taking my time to think in situations like this I AM NOT losing anything and am preventing myself from making bad instant decisions.

In this example the crucial question was whether your opponent can have A-Q or not. If yes (and i believed that was the case here), it's absolutely a choice. If no, then it is very border line, especially when you're on the subject of the cash spots. For the showdown Jeff showed A-Q, and that i won a 500,000 pot and finished the day with a cosy 700,000 stack.

So there are two good examples of playing big hands well. Unfortunately, the next day to come was unlucky for me - I made two wrong decisions and finished in 19th place.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

BRAG online winning spins promotional tool—YGGDRASIL GAMINGNO Deposit bonus $43

Yggdrasil Gaming has launched a revolutionary new promotional tool which permits customers to observe the replays of winning spins and share them with friends and fans on social channels.

The new tool, referred to as BRAG, is the player-facing subsection of Yggdrasil’s BOOST choice of promotional tools, and can help improve operators’ organic social media volume by encouraging players to share replays of winning spins on Facebook and Twitter.

The replay and share functionality – the primary of its type within the industry –  will initially allow players to observe and share replays of winning rounds on Yggdrasil’s tournament leaderboard. 

Future updates will give players the chance to also share any big win or any spin from their last 10 game rounds.

Early testing has shown the tool to be hugely well liked by players, increasing engagement and improving the full experience. 

The launch of BRAG comes as Yggdrasil announces a brand new €25,000 network campaign tournament for the preferred slot Golden Fish Tank.

The network campaign runs between August 12th and August 21st, and can be the primary to incorporate the BRAG feature alongside Yggdrasil’s BOOST promotional tools, including in-game leaderboard and in-game raffle.

Yggdrasil CEO Fredrik Elmqvist said: “There is nothing wrong with somewhat bragging, and with Yggdrasil’s new BRAG tool we're giving players the chance to share their success with the world.

“Once again Yggdrasil has launched an industry-first innovation which has the prospective to drive revenues for operators and create a more engaging experience for users. There'll be plenty more to come back from BRAG, with new features to be rolled out within the coming months.”

Yggdrasil was the winner of Slot Provider of the Year on the 2016 EGR B2B Awards, the newest in a growing list of accolades including Gaming Software Supplier of the Year on the 2016 International Gaming Awards, and Software Rising Star on the 2015 EGR B2B Awards.

Its selection of promotional tools, BOOST, hands operators the facility to run a variety of features designed to spice up engagement and retention, including innovative leaderboard and raffle engines.

Yggdrasil’s portfolio of slot encompasses a wide selection of popular casino games, including Bicicleta, Wicked Circus, progressive jackpot Joker Millions, and Monkey King.

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UKIPT6 Marbella Day 1A: Tsontu tops the primary of 3 flightsNO Deposit bonus $43

Everyone likes an excellent old-fashioned summer holiday, right? Spain has long been a spot where the British and Irish descend for his or her annual time within the sun. Marbella had always been a well-liked spot and had evolved through the years. Bars showing Only Fools and Horses repeats while serving up an entire English/Irish breakfast are slowly being replaced by poolside day clubs serving sushi over ice. One consistent trend over the last few years was the UKIPT popping out mid June to fulfill up with its Estrellas cousin, and together they host the PokerStars Marbella festival.

The Main Event kicked off today with Day 1A and attracted 284 players. It played out over twelve 45-minute levels and in the end the bagging up took place, Tinlay Tsontu amassed probably the most chips with 281,800. He's closely followed by Grzegorz Idziak (260,700), Bob Janssens (254,700) and Alexander Voytko (229,100).

PS Marbella Festival-71 Tinlay Tsontu.jpg

Great day on the office for Tsontu

The last of those players could even have ended the day as chip leader but for a controversial last hand of the night. Voytko was forced to pay an opponent almost 60,000 after the dealer accidentally mucked his hand. He had raised and collected two callers before a player within the blinds squeezed all-in for just below 60,000. Voytko called and that prompted the 2 callers to fold their hands however the dealer thought all three players had folded and dragged all cards into the muck. It was a particularly unfortunate situation for Voytko however the rules state it's his responsibility to give protection to his hand even if the dealer made a mistake. It may possibly have cost him the chips lead but a minimum of he'll be back on Day 2 to fight another day.

UKIPT6 Marbella day1a alexander voytko2.jpg

Expensive lesson for Voytko

UKIPT6 Marbella Neil Raine Day1A.jpg

Raine did well within the sun

Other players though to Day 2 are: Milos Skrbic (218,100), Jon Gonzalez (209,200), Seun Oluwole (201,800), Neil Raine (114,600), Guy Taylor (100,900) and can Davies (96,200). A COMPLETE of 70 players made it through to Day, and the whole counts can also be read here.

Vicente Delgado may now live within the UK but he's still one among Spain's hottest young poker talents and crushed the net satellites leading as much as this event. He came 20th on this event two years ago and was counting on course to move deep on this event. He shot to an early chip lead with 80,000 but not long after he was out with Tomasz Wrobel looking like his executioner.

UKIPT6 Marbella day1a vicente delagdo.jpg

Delagdo is normally back for Day 1C tomorrow night

Tom Holke's first ever tournament cash was a win. The vibrant player from Hamburg, who's a walking, talking German flag took down the inaugural Eureka in his hometown just over a year ago but he couldn't repeat the similar success here. Noelia Ivars Rico and Sabina Hiatullah were two of several females within the field today but suffered bad beats to bust though. Each of them got their stack in good with sets but neither could hold to the river and can be trying their luck in Day 1C tomorrow.

UKIPT6 Marbella day1a tom holke.jpg

Tom Holke always plays with a smile

Day 1C tomorrow I hear you ask? Isn't it speculated to be Day 1B tomorrow? Day 1B will play out tomorrow just as Day 1A played out today, but then at 10pm, they'll be a third, turbo flight. It's something that's been tried out at the Eureka Poker tour and proven highly regarded. It is only open to those that have already busted from either Day 1A or Day 1B, no players may be in a position to enter it as their first entry. The degrees may be 20 minutes long and it will last a bit of over four hours.

Ukipt5 marbella main event day1a fatima moreira de melo.jpg

Fatima Moreira De Melo here last year

Day 1B will start at midday CET and Team PokerStars SportStar Fatima Moreira De Melo might be in the home! She's here with pal and Spanish star Leo Margets. They'll be joined by the likes of Asif "Poker Tourist" Warris, Dave "I literally won the entire buttons last night" Clarkson, Diego "I'M a gentleman" Gomez, Chris Dowling, Tudor Purice, Rasmus Agerskov and Kjell Lindqvist.

You can win your seat to at least one of countless PokerStars live events around the globe. Click here to open an account and get started.

Join the PokerStars Blog team back here tomorrow where we'll bring you all of the major talking points we witness, except when the britain vs Wales game in at the TV, then the blog could be a little bit light. Until then it's good night from a baking Spain. Make amends for all today's action by clicking here.

PS Marbella Festival-4 Venue.jpg

PokerStars Blog Reporting Team at UKIPT6 Marbella: Marc Convey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May and Rene Velli. Follow the PokerStars Blog on Twitter: @PokerStarsBlog

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Regulation, Not Prohibition, Found as Best Online Gambling PolicyNO Deposit bonus $43

A bipartisan group acknowledged that the UIGEA was flawed by nature and online gambling could best be controlled through regulation.

Play Now at Slots Plus Casino! Discussion last week through the markup of H.R. 2267, Barney Frank's measure regulating online gambling, ended in the expressed belief by nearly all of the home Financial Services Committee that oversight is the correct policy regarding Internet gaming, versus the UIGEA ban. Even supposing Spencer Bachus, the ranking Republican and a determined foe of gambling expansion, described horror stories of gaming, listeners said his anecdotes only confirmed the failure of the web casino prohibition.

Bachus used a newspaper story within the Orlando Sentinel, which he repeatedly confused with the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, let's say the hazards of gambling. In step with Bachus, the object observed 12-year-olds addicted to gambling, and desperate calls to problem gambling help lines.

But Representative Mary Jo Kilroy of Ohio retorted that the existence of the tale shows the failure of the UIGEA to dam casino sites, leaving regulation of gambling operators because the only responsible course. Over 5000 calls to counselors addressing compulsive gambling issues demonstrates the necessity to protect residents left at risk by the problematic prohibition.

John Campbell, a Republican from California, joined within the criticism of the UIGEA, saying regulation and oversight should replace the payment processing ban, which was cited for its placement of unreasonable enforcement duties at the financial industry.

The argument that the technology doesn't exist to correctly regulate online gambling has also faded, as Democratic Congressman Gary Peters of Michigan testified players may also be identified as to the state of origin, and the facility to require proper age checks can easily be included.

Published on August 3, 2010 by PrestonLewis

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G2E 2016 unveils dynamic networking eventsNO Deposit bonus $43

Global Gaming Expo 2016 (G2E), the world’s premier gaming trade event and academic program presented by the yank Gaming Association (AGA), will offer attendees a mess of experiential events to make business connections with the industry’s influential decision makers. Happening September 26 to September 29 on the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas, G2E’s diversity of events will provide ideal opportunities for professionals in any sector of the industry to expand their network. “In addition to the innovative products that debut at the show floor, a vital part of G2E has always been providing a forum for our industry to connect,” said Andrew Ortale, AGA’s vp of industry services. “This year, guests can have opportunities at quite a few engaging events to share insights and make connections with their peers from across the world.” Highlighted events at G2E 2016 include: •    Global Gaming Awards Luncheon:  Monday, September 26, 12:00 p.m. Venetian Ballroom Entrance K: The worldwide Gaming Awards returns to G2E for the third time in 2016, highlighted by a gala luncheon and Awards presentation ceremony. The one land-based and digital gaming awards where the winners are determined purely by the industry, GGA nominations are evaluated by an independent judging panel constructed from 60 leading industry CEOs and senior executives. Their votes, which might be independently verified, will crown the winners in each category. The development is open to all G2E Education attendees and Global Gaming Award sponsors. Media can secure a place on the luncheon by registering at the Global Gaming Awards’ website. •    “Women in Gaming” Ribbon Cutting Ceremony: Tuesday, September 27, 9:50 a.m. Expo Hall: The ribbon-cutting ceremony that officially opens the expo floor at G2E will feature leading women in gaming, including the worldwide Gaming Women Board of Directors and executive leadership from Aristocrat Technologies, Inc., Everi, IGT, Scientific Games Corporation, Novomatic, Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers, National Indian Gaming Association and American Gaming Association.•    G2E Welcome Reception – Tuesday, September 27, 5:00 p.m., Integrated Resort Experience at G2E: Kick off the convention with an electrical party headlined by famed Las Vegas entertainer Clint Holmes. Enjoy cocktails while exploring the Integrated Resort Experience showcasing leading-edge products, technologies and services to strengthen any casino’s non-gaming business. Guests are encouraged to reach early with their badges, as space may be limited. •    Emerging Leaders of Gaming Networking Reception – Wednesday, September 28, 5:30 p.m., TAO on the Venetian: The Emerging Leaders of Gaming program at G2E is designed to spot and celebrate individuals at the route to executive management or who have already got risen to this level because of exemplary achievement within their role. Attendees under 40 are invited to network with their peers in this special event for gaming’s rising stars. A BRIEF program, featuring event co-chairs John Connelly, CEO of Interblock Gaming, Angela Heikes, COO of SMSC Gaming, and Eileen Moore, regional president of Caesars Entertainment, will recognize the 2016 Class of G2E's Emerging Leaders of Gaming.•    National Indian Gaming Association Networking Reception – Tuesday, September 27, 12:45 p.m., National Indian Gaming Association and tribal Leaders Lounge, Booth #4410: Network and make new connections with tribal gaming executives at this networking reception at the show floor at G2E. Guests must RSVP at the G2E website no later than Friday, September 25, to wait. The National Indian Gaming Association and Tribal leaders Lounge may also be open during regular show floor hours for continued networking.•    Cintas Fashion Show – Wednesday, September 28, 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m, Hall D Stage: The Cintas Ultra-Lounge Fashion Show offers attendees a peek into future trends of recent and sexy uniforms that may rev the engine of any casino, ultra lounge, or nightclub scene.  This one-of-a-kind fashion show features unique collections capturing the newest trends, styles, colors and silhouettes. •    G2E Privileges Networking Reception – Wednesday, September 28, 4:00 p.m. G2E Privileges Lounge, Booth #4418: The Privileges Club, invites all Privileges members to enroll in us for an exclusive networking reception with top industry beacons. Network with G2E highest-level attendees while enjoying complimentary cocktails and hor d'oeuvres and the experiencing the magic of our special guest, Alain Nu, The person Who Knows. •    Casino Entertainment Awards – Wednesday, September 28, 6:00 p.m. Red Carpet, 7:00 Show Begins, Vinyl at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino: Casino Entertainment Awards is the one event of its kind honoring outstanding artists, executives and venues within the casino entertainment industry. Complimentary tickets for the Casino Entertainment Awards at G2E could be distributed to G2E attendees on a first-come, first-served basis (subject to availability) on Tuesday, September 27, and Wednesday September 28, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., on the Casino Entertainment Awards in booth 6745 within the Integrated Resort Experience at G2E.•    7th Annual Kick Up Your Heels Networking and Fundraiser reception – Wednesday, September 28, 6:00 p.m., The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas: Stand out within the crowd and kick up your heels on the 7th Annual Kick Up Your Heels Networking and Fundraiser reception ¯the industry’s premier gathering of female gaming executives hung on Wednesday, September 28 on the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas at 6pm. All proceeds from the development benefit Global Gaming Women’s Charitable Education Fund providing women of the industry with educational scholarships. For more information, or to buy tickets to this fabulous event visit Registration for the 2016 G2E is now open at 

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New Jersey Bets Big on Sports Gambling, Loses - To this point...NO Deposit bonus $43

Published on May 5, 2014 by Bob Hartman

The Associated Press reported on Sunday that the state of recent Jersey has spent greater than $2.8 million in attorney fees since Governor Chris Christie was forced to defend his initiative to issue sports gambling licenses.

The four major sports leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL), in conjunction with the NCAA filed a lawsuit against the state in 2012 demanding Christie's initiative was illegal in keeping with the 1992 Professional & Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), which says all sports gambling is illegitimate rather than in states that already offer spots gambling to their visitors.

New Jersey, and thus Christie, have lost every step of the battle in court to this point. However, that will was the plan all along. This month the Supreme Court is anticipated to make a decision in the event that they will hear the case.

Oddly, in political spheres, the inside track isn't that the Supreme Court could be deciding to listen to the case this month. Rather, the news, consistent with ABC News, is that the state is wasting more cash than necessary at a time after they have an $800 million deficit.

An much more controversial point is that the firm the state is paying is identical firm Christie hired to research the George Washington Bridge lane-closing scandal.

Because of the present political tension surrounding Christie, the governor's political future might rely on the end result of the Supreme Court ruling.

"If, by some long shot, the Court takes up the case," said Michael Enhowsen, analyst for CGW, "and if, by a good longer shot, the Court rules in favor of Christie, the state will make up that $2.8 in a pair months of legal sports gambling within the state and Christie could be a hero again."

The illegal sports gambling market in New Jersey is currently estimated to be worth $20 billion. If legalized the market is predicted to quadruple the dimensions of the Las Vegas market and a few estimates expect New Jersey to garner $100 million in revenue yearly.

According to Joe Asher, CEO of William Hill, which owns and operates over 100 sportsbooks in Las Vegas, this was always for the Supreme Court to determine. Though, whether the Supreme Court takes it up or not, whether or not they overturn PAPSA or not, the way forward for America, he believes, may be a rustic where anyone can be capable of bet from anywhere.

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Battle of the Planets: Four-way deal gives marky_crash the November titleNO Deposit bonus $43

Sometimes our final nine come from very meager bankrolls that might only dream of four-digits next to their name within the cashier's window. At those times, the players are quick to make a deal after reaching the overall table of the monthly Battle of the Planets $50,000 triple shootout freeroll. Tonight after little greater than an hour of play, our final four: marky crash, chv89, ded1983, Kajzer Sose all decided to profit their good fortunes of winning two SnGs and outlasting five other final tablist to assert the lion share of the overall table cash. The winner by the use of collecting the general table's chips was marky crash earning $6,802.37 however the largest cut of the chop was claimed by Russia's ded1983 who took home $8,025.83.

Team Online's George "Jorj95" Lind sporting the Supernova Elite colors around his avatar took a seat with six others (one sitting out) at Table 36 in seek for another final table of this monthly triple shootout freeroll. In not up to an hour Lind would find himself heads-up against besar cz who last year almost took down the Sunday Million in July after being defeated heads-up against bmky88 but still putting off $147,774.79 because the runner-up. Today besar cz's heads-up match would prove somewhat more positive, with blinds at 75/150 and holding a 5,971 to 3,029 chip lead over Lind, besar cz raised to 307 from the button as George shoved all-in. Holding 8♠A♠ besar cz made the decision and dominated the 2010 SCOOP Player of the Series smaller ace A♥3♣. The board missed Lind's flopped flush draw and gave besar cz a straight 9♥ 6♥ 7♥ T♦ 3♠ thus knocking out the Red Spader in 160th place.

After 90 minutes of first round play our 81 table winners locking up $195.00 each, gathered at nine new tables with the $12,000.00 first place prize only one SnG win away. A few of the players who fell in need of the general table were Chocoyote who installed a robust top ten Player of the Series performance in the course of the MicroMillions III tournament series ($1,000,000 guarantee Main Event already smashing the guarantee running currently) would bow out tonight in 38th place.

Not succumbing to competition were Kajzer Sose and doitdoitdo1 who quickly picked up their seats while Table 5 still had seven players in! And yes, Table 5 will be the last table to call their champion to compete within the modern arena. With the blinds as much as 125/250 ante 25, p€troceli would min-raise from the button as Vishera took the bait and shoved all-in for 9,133 chips holding A♥6♠. Concealing strength p€troceli quickly called for 3,817 more with big slick K♥A♣. Strength preflop is different than strength postflop as a six peeled off 8♦ 6♦ 9♥ 5♣ T♠ and handed Vishera a ticket to the general table and locking up a minimum of $775.00 within the process:

Seat 1: chv89 (1500 in chips)Seat 2: corto12 (1500 in chips)Seat 3: andyafc#1 (1500 in chips)Seat 4: marky crash (1500 in chips)Seat 5: Vishera (1500 in chips)Seat 6: ded1983 (1500 in chips)Seat 7: Kajzer Sose (1500 in chips)Seat 8: doitdoitdo1 (1500 in chips)Seat 9: dsnka (1500 in chips)

Not a peep

Most, if not all the chat was coming from outside the table because the railbirds rooted on their champions because the usual nine-way split talks ceased to even start.

Late to the party, early to the exit

The last player to leap into the overall table was Vishera after a protracted stay at Table 5 but ultimately coming away with the victory. But, through the end of the 15/30 blind level Vishera would run into two unfortunate hands. First, ded1983 would pull a 2,413 chip pot off Vishera after you have maximum value off a flopped set of sevens, then three hands later marky crash would raise to 90 chips as Vishera sat at the button with pocket nines 9♥9♣ and shoved 389 chips into the center. The blinds folded but marky crash made the straightforward call with kings K♠K♣. Way to three tens at the board 4♠ T♣ T♦ 8♥ T♠ both players made boats, but Vishera's small vessel sailed off in ninth place ($775.00). Chocoyote was not the one player to boast MicroMillions III riches as Vishera claimed sixth place cash ($9,447.41) in Event #4.

Cor-ed out

With the blinds as much as 50/100 corto12 was clinging to 633 chips and raising it up from early position to 205 as Kajzer Sose decided to provide action with a shove to 2,135 chips from the small blind holing big slick A♥K♣. About as dominate as it is easy to get preflop, corto12 showed two aces A♦A♣ and watched in horror as two kings joined two queens at the K♥ Q♥ 4♦ K♠ Q♦ board to finish corto12's night in nasty fashion earning $1,200.00 for eighth place.


Still within the 50/100 level, another pair of aces would help trim our population from seven to 6. Watch below as ded1983 and andyafc#1 both slowplay preflop only to seek out disaster for considered one of them after shoving the 9♣6♦3♠ flop.

RSS readers please click through to view video

andyafc#1 showed pocket queens Q♦Q♥ as ded1983 calmly rolled over the easier pair A♥A♠. This time the dominating aces had no problems at the 7♠ turn and 5♣ river collecting the 3,900 chips and disposing of andyafc#1 in seventh place ($1,700.00).


Despite the action packed name, doitdoitdo1, wouldn't make a large number of noise at tonight's final table. With the blinds moving as much as 75/150 and holding a meager 714 chips, doitdoitdo1 would open shove from the button as chv89 made a spirited call from the large blind holding K♠8♣. Call it a soul read if you want as doitdoitdo1 rolled over a worse kicker 7♣K♥. An eight at the door 8♠ 5♦ Q♣ 2♥ A♠ sealed doitdoitdo1's fate in sixth place ($2,200.00).

No more dsnka

Still within the 75/150 blind level dsnka, who has a 2012 WCOOP final table at the tournament mantel (7th place in Event 46 earning $21,735) would open shove from the hijack seat for 1,382 chips because it folded to Kajzer Sose looking smug within the big blind with pocket kings K♣K♥ desperate to make the decision. dsnka would wish help for the pocket treys 3♣3♠ and didn't get the help at the A♠ 2♠ T♦ Q♦ J♠ board. Slightly not up to the WCOOP payday, dsnka still hauled away $2,735.00 in fifth place.

Four-way deal

The hand between dsnka and Kajzer Sose will be the last meaningful one for the 2012 November Battle of the Planets $50,000.00 freeroll as our remaining four quickly worked together to take the chip chop numbers offered by the PokerStars host shown below:

ded1983: $8,025.83marky crash: $6,802.87Kajzer Sose: $6,760.00chv89: $5,761.80

With the money locked up our players want into shoveski mode as marky crash would take the official title after the hand shown below:

RSS readers please click through to view video

K♠7♠ for marky crash would survive the 2♦ 5♠ T♥ 8♣ T♠ board over chv89's 3♥9♠ because the UK's marky crash claim this month's title!

November $50,000 Battle of the Planets Triple Shootout results (11-25-12):

Players entered: 510Places paid: 81Buy-in: Freeroll/Ticket earnedFirst place prize: *$6,802.37

(* denotes a part of four-way chop)

1. marky crash (UK) *$6,802.372. chv89 (Russia) *$5,761.803. ded1983 (Russia) *$8,025.834. Kajzer Sose (Serbia) *$6,760.005. dsnka (Czech Republic) $2,735.006. doitdoitdo1 (Australia) $2,200.007. andyafc#1 (UK) $1,700.008. corto12 (Croatia) $1,200.009. Vishera (Russia) $775.00

David Aydt is a contract contributor

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