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Norway Follows US Down Failed Path Banning Online CasinosNO Deposit bonus $43

The Norwegian measure makes assisting online gambling sites, as an example by processing transactions, a contravention of law.

Play Now at Slots Plus Casino! The UIGEA was omitted two years ago by the U.S. Congress when it was hidden inside a bill supporting port security, allowing it to proceed without proper debate and investigation. Since then, the law has caused legitimate businesses within the online casino industry to withdraw from the U.S. market, while allowing a black market, by which consumers are helpless, to grow.

Now Norway has decided to emulate the United States, enacting its own version of the UIGEA. As within the US, outcry has come from every direction regarding implementation of this system. Bankers call the law unworkable and a competitive disadvantage, and civil libertarians are horrified.

Further, international law experts are concerned that the Norwegian law may violate or conflict with obligations the nation has to the ecu Union. The Remote Gaming Alliance has already filed a complaint with the ecu Free Trade Association.

The Norwegian measure makes assisting online gambling sites, for example by processing transactions, a contravention of law. Only the state-owned gambling services, including the lottery, are legal.

Once again, a central authority body tries to give protection to its competitive advantage in the course of the harsh use of law, in place of seeking to provide an exceptional project. If Norway desires to ensure government revenues, perhaps it will provide the most productive and most varied gambling available, in place of legislate competition out of existence.

Published on December 12, 2008 by EdBradley

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AWARE cloud-based digital display platform—NANOLUMENSNO Deposit bonus $43

NanoLumens, the leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor LED visualization solutions, introduced NanoLumens AWARE, a cloud based digital display platform combining real-time diagnostics, media playback, and a lot of internal and third party-developed apps into one integrated system that may be accessible through a single portal from anywhere on this planet.  

According to NanoLumens Vp of Corporate Development Nate Remmes, AWARE addresses the growing industry need for an easier solution that eliminates hardware within a fancy eco-system while allowing third party developers to create the following generation apps in an effort to make displays more engaging, useful, and accountable.  “NanoLumens is doing for digital signage what Apple did for the smartphone,” Remmes said. “AWARE marks the debut of the industry’s first complete eco-system that instantly makes displays a more compelling investment by addressing probably the most major challenges we've got faced as an industry — accountability, reliability, and simplicity.”

At the similar time, AWARE represents a strategic move by NanoLumens to tell apart itself from virtually all of its LED competitors. “Our software-enabled hardware creates a path that provides customers and partners a more useful solution for all of the lifecycle in their displays,” Remmes continued. “AWARE is a win-win for all the industry — customers, developers, marketers, and consumers. Everyone benefits from the improvement of this platform.”

According to Vishu Rao, NanoLumens director of software services and platforms, “AWARE has a one-of-kind IoT product design built for the tips display world. It brings together high-powered cutting-edge processing, the preferred operating platform, best-in-class cloud services, remote access, mobility sensors, content media services, and a handpicked third party app marketplace into an intelligent visualization portal.”

Rao continued, “With AWARE’s architecture, display interfaces the world over can now quickly deploy interactive and connected experiences that were extremely difficult to deploy before, because of the fragmented nature of currently available technology.” 

AWARE combines hardware, services, and software into one integrated solution avaiable for purchase and embedded in a display or as a stand-alone add-on to an existing display.  The core applications available at launch include a built-in media, weather, sports, news, HTML 5, social media, and audience measurement.  Although agnostic and continuing to appear for premier partners inside the industry, today’s applications has been developed through NanoLumens’ partnerships with Admobilize, Gimbal, Navori, and Screenfeed.

AWARE’s API based remote diagnostic capabilities are essentially the most robust ever developed for the industry. “We built our system on APIs because we wish to be sure that we're adaptable to existing AV eco-systems while giving our AV integrator and repair providers a completely useful tool,” Remmes emphasized. “We keep in mind that our partners have a better opportunity for choice in LED and we wish to be sure that we're providing them with an answer that may be easier to manage, easier to deploy, and offers more value to the tip user.”

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California Online Poker Heads for Assembly VoteNO Deposit bonus $43

California-PokerThe California Assembly Appropriations Committee passed a bill regulating online poker within the state on Wednesday, sending it to the whole chamber for a potential vote.The committee approved AB 2863 on Wednesday.

A vote were scheduled to happen last week, but that was delayed as amendments were added to the bill. The amendments that were floated last week were inserted to the bill this week, and included:

  • A “bad actor” clause that excludes online poker operators that accepted California players after the passage of the federal Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. Sites that did so could pay an added $20 million fee or wait five years to use for licensure. (Previously, the amendment’s line for bad actors was drawn in 2011.)
  • The use of accrued assets — comparable to player lists — from such operators could be limited by regulators.
  • Ten percent of all gaming revenue collected by the state would visit the state’s General Fund, whether a $60 million threshold for a subsidy to the pony racing industry is reached.
  • Half of the $12.5 million deposit paid by licensees could be offset by reduced taxes on gaming revenues.

The committee expressed a standard refrain that we heard in 2015, and earlier this year when the bill passed the Governmental Organization Committee this spring: The bill was the manufactured from numerous effort by bill sponsor Adam Gray, however it needs more work.

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Remko Report Episode #37: Jason MercierNO Deposit bonus $43

May 11th, 2016

Jason Mercier joins Remko to speak about prop betting on the World Series of Poker, his three-bracelet bet against Vanessa Selbst, and a few of the high-stakes cash games he's dabbling in. 

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Antigua Online Casino Industry Passes British Test For SafetyNO Deposit bonus $43

Beginning November 21st, the ninety-six online casinos operating from Antigua may place ads to draw gamblers from Britain to their sites.

Cherry Red Casino! The British government has officially recognized that the net casino industry in Antigua and Barbuda is satisfactorily regulated and safe. The United Kingdom's Department of Culture, Media, and Sport has approved Antigua's application for whitelisting.

By being put on the whitelist, Antigua has qualified its locally-based Internet gambling sites to promote their services to citizens of the united kingdom.. Beginning November 21st, the ninety-six online casinos operating from Antigua may place ads to draw gamblers from Britain to their sites.

The British Minister of Sport said in an announcement that he was "content that Antigua and Barbuda has the legal authority to control gambling and that its current system of regulation and licensing provides a strong and adequately resourced framework to uphold our shared objectives: to forestall gambling from becoming a source of crime; and to maintain gambling fair and open and to offer protection to children and vulnerable people."

The announcement comes because the Antiguan people and the country's online casino industry continue to suffer economic damages from the United States' passing of the UIGEA in 2006, effectively preventing millions of americans from wagering at these sites. The explanations given to dam these legitimate international businesses are the exact same refuted by the united kingdom investigation.

That is, the yankee government says it's considering protection of kids and consumers, and adequate control and regulation preventing money laundering and shady business practices. All those concerns are addressed and dismissed by the British inquiry, leading to the whitelisting which verifies Antigua's governance of the web casinos.

Antiguan Minister of Finance Dr. Errol Cort expressed pleasure on the announcement, and Director of Gaming Kaye McDonald said, "THE UNITED KINGDOM whitelisting reaffirms our commitment to stick to strict principles within the supervision and oversight of this global industry and our current high level of success at doing so."

Meanwhile, all ninety-six online gaming sites are forced to just accept the lack of the various American market, because of the law regarding payment transactions. Twenty-five not even allow American patrons. Perhaps the U.S... government should review the findings in their British counterparts.

Published on November 4, 2008 by TomWeston

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WSOP 2016: What we all know concerning the final 56NO Deposit bonus $43

Money Bracelet Chips ESPN set 2016 World Series of Poker EV68 Day 6 Furman 8FU1095.jpg

It's Day 6 of the arena Series of Poker Main Event and the race to the November Nine is entering its final stages. At time of writing 56 players remain, and there are some big stars among them. Listed here are the boys we recognise, and what we all know about them.

Kenny Hallaert 2016 World Series of Poker EV68 Day 6 Furman FUR8780.jpgKenny Hallaert (Belgium)

Hallaert is a well-recognized face at the European circuit, both on the tables and presiding over them. He's the organiser of the Belgian Poker Challenge, sponsored by PokerStars, that is the largest tournament series in his native country.

Hallaert chatted to PokerStars Blog back in 2012, when he was crushing the Micro Millions. We also caught up with him earlier this week, as he was crushing the the sector Series Main Event.

He was chip leader on the end of Day 3 and was a large stack ever since.

Griffin Benger 2016 World Series of Poker EV68 Day 6 Furman FUR8831.jpgGriffin Benger (Canada)

For an extended period, Benger was best referred to as an internet beast, where he goes by the moniker "Flush Entity".

With $4 million in recorded winnings on PokerStars alone, he's also a former world #1. Benger has moved out of the net world with great success in recent years, booking his first major tournament win within the High Roller event at EPT Berlin in April 2013.

He then took a seat within the PokerStars Shark Cage...and you would like to head over to to look how that worked out for him.

William Kassouf 2016 World Series of Poker EV68 Day 6 Furman FUR8773.jpgWilliam Kassouf (United Kingdom)

If there's anyone on this planet of poker who doesn't know William Kassouf by now, they haven't been looking or listening. Kassouf is the exceptionally talkative master of speech play, who yesterday talked his technique to a one-round penalty, but who's now at the television stage and will, when the episode airs later this year, become a star.

We had a talk with him yesterday (or rather he talked to us for a couple of minutes), and you'll get a taster of what the ESPN viewers could be in for with a glimpse back to EPT Barcelona.

Jason Les 2016 World Series of Poker EV68 Day 6 Furman FUR8868.jpgJason Les (United States)

Among the best-known (and, simply, best) high stakes heads up players within the world, Jason Les is enjoying his second deep run in huge World Series events this summer.

He finished 15th within the High Roller for One Drop per week ago, picking up $216,814.

Les also became widely recognized a year ago when he took on and beat essentially the most sophisticated poker bot, proving that there is still hope for the humans for when the robot apocalypse occurs.

(Les survived a whole day at the same table as William Kassouf yesterday too. There need to be an extra prize for that.)

Antoine Saout 2016 World Series of Poker EV68 Day06 AA06611.jpgAntoine Saout (France)

Only one man was to 2 November Nine final tables: Mark Newhouse, who finished ninth in 2014 and 2015. But Saout has the danger of booking his own return visit to the November jamboree.

He finished third in 2009, the year Joe Cada won, but was considered to be the most productive player on the table by many commentators.

One hand against Phil Ivey remains a YouTube classic. His name also fits very, really well into this song, if you happen to like that sort of thing.

Best falsetto: "YOU ALREADY KNOW you're making me Antoine Saout!"

Andrei Konopelko 2016 World Series of Poker EV68 Day 6 Furman FUR8848.jpgAndrei Konopelko (Belarus)

Konopelko has also been to a global Series Main Event final table before--albeit the arena Series of Poker Europe, where he finished seventh in 2013.

Konopelko is a normal at the European Poker Tour, booking his best finish in Barcelona in 2013.

He was chip-leader going into Day 4 of that event, which was the one time we've managed to prise some words out of the unflappable Belarusian.

"Some luck, some good play, some bluff," he said.

Cliff Josephy 2016 World Series of Poker EV68 Day06 AA06640.jpgCliff Josephy (United States)

Josephy can, in some ways, claim to have already won the arena Series Main Event--in addition to the 2 bracelets he earned in 2005 and 2013.

Renowned and revered as a backer of poker players, he had an enormous piece of Joe Cada when he won the massive one in 2009.

"JohnnyBax", as he's known online, could also be a former world No 1.

It's not known what stake he has in any of the opposite 50 players, but there is a high chance Josephy could have an interest still in November, even if it's actually him seated on the final table.

Dan Colman 2016 World Series of Poker EV68 Day06 AA06647.jpgDan Colman (United States)

While we're when it comes to winning major tournaments, let's just take a handy guide a rough take a look at Dan Colman. Between April 2014 and June 2015, Colman picked up 11 tournament scores of six figures or more, including five of greater than $1 million and $15 million for first place within the Big One for One Drop.

Before that, Colman was best referred to as "mrgr33n13" online, where he became the primary player ever to book a profit of greater than $1 million in hyper-turbo tournaments.

These days, he's mostly putting his acumen to good use in various philanthropic ventures, but clearly thought he'd just drop in on Las Vegas to win the principle Event. Why not, if you have got a spare two weeks.

Max Silver 2016 World Series of Poker EV68 Day06 AA06629.jpgMax Silver (United States)

A British favourite, and a specific friend of PokerStars Blog, Max Silver have been on a spectacular rise in the course of the poker ranks over the last few years.

He first emerged at the scene on the Uk and Ireland Poker Tour (UKIPT), making three final tables including one outright victory, and is now more regularly seen within the high roller events at the EPT.

This deep run will finally introduce certainly one of Britain's best to the yank public too.

James Obst 2016 World Series of Poker EV68 Day 6 Furman FUR8885.jpgJames Obst (Australia)

Nobody doubts anymore that online players aren't the most productive on the planet at this game, and James "Andy McLEOD" Obst is without doubt one of the cream of the crop.

He has four SCOOP titles on PokerStars--even though, in his own words, he feels he has "significantly underachieved".

Obst was heads up for the $10,000 HORSE tournament in Las Vegas this summer and is, in my very humble opinion, a sensible pick to win the principle Event.

Tom Middleton 2016 World Series of Poker EV68 Day 6 Furman FUR8815.jpgTom Middleton (United Kingdom)

When the cash bubble burst, there have been a minimum of 11 former EPT champions still usually Event field but now, with 56 players left, only Tom Middleton (Barcelona 2013) remains.

The final table in Barcelona was notable not just for Middleton's superlative play, but additionally for a lovely unusual deal-making negotiation, to which PokerStars Blog was all ears.

(It's worth noting that Middleton, as "hitthehole" online, has greater than $4 million in record winnings too.)

Update: Middleton was eliminated from the principle Event in 56th place.

Jeff Hakim 2016 World Series of Poker EV68 Day06 AA06622.jpgJeff Hakim (Lebanon)

The European Poker Tour isn't the European Poker Tour without Jeff Hakim. He has barely missed a stop since making his debut around Season 5.

He has 12 EPT main event cashes under his belt, including a last table appearance in Deauville in 2013, but is now actually guaranteed the most important live tournament score of his career.

Don't let that fool you into thinking he's a mark. As "Jeff710" on PokerStars and "YoungSupremacy" on Full Tilt, Hakim has greater than $7 million in online tournament scores.

Paul Volpe 2016 World Series of Poker EV68 Day06 AA06609.jpgPaul Volpe (United States)

One bracelet and $5 million in live tournament earnings would probably be enough for many poker players, but Paul Volpe does his best work at PokerStars.

"paulgees81" is one among just a handful of players with WCOOP, SCOOP and Sunday Million titles to his name.

In the live arena, Volpe is most devastating within the high buy in events, with WSOP final tables within the deuce-to-seven championship event, the $10,000 Heads Up tournament and the $10,000 pot-limit hold'em.

Tom Marchese 2016 World Series of Poker EV68 Day 6 Furman FUR8873.jpgTom Marchese (United States)

Tom Marchese's tournament record is among the best on the earth. With $13.2 million as his total, you possibly can expect that.

But it wasn't until he sat down on the inaugural North American Poker Tour (NAPT) event in 2010 that Marchese actually won his first live tournament--a breakout that has then resulted in 12 more major tournament triumphs since.

His heater glowed hottest in January this year, when Marchese won two $25,000 buy-in tournaments on the Aria in consecutive days.

Known as "kingsofcards" on PokerStars, there has rarely been a more appropriate screen-name.

Vojtech Ruzicka  2016 World Series of Poker EV68 Day06 AA06619.jpgVojtech Ruzicka (Czech Republic)

Another rather well known and highly rated star at the European Poker Tour, Vojech Ruzicka seems set to take over on the top of the Czech money list sooner or later.

Only Martin Staszko has significantly greater than Ruzicka in recorded tournament wins, and that is the reason largely way to his second place on the 2011 Main Event.

Ruzicka won a high roller event in Deauville many years ago, beating a last two tables that featured Adrian Mateos, Davidi Kitai, Kevin MacPhee, Jonathan Duhamel, Steven Silverman, Bryn Kenney and Martin Jacobson.

Yeah, Ruzicka is that good.

Tony Gregg 2016 World Series of Poker EV68 Day06 AA06679.jpgTony Gregg (United States)

Ask any top-ranking poker player to call who they think about to be within the top five on the game and an enormous percentage of them will namecheck Tony Gregg.

With $11 million in live tournament winnings (and quite probably tons of greater than that from cash tables in Macau and beyond) Gregg is an actual player's player.

He has also been to the PCA main event final table three times, most recently in January this year when only Mike Watson outlasted him.

Chris Klodnicki 2016 World Series of Poker EV68 Day06 AA06766.jpgChris Klodnicki (United States)

Klodnicki is the one man still within the field who was mentioned on PokerStars Blog when the location gave the impression of this.

As if that accolade wasn't enough for him, he has greater than $8 million in live tournament winnings, including a few huge scores in high buy-in WSOP events.

This is his eighth cash this year and seems well set to make all of it tips on how to the general after that close call in 2008.

Dietrich Fast 2016 World Series of Poker EV68 Day06 AA06833.jpgDietrich Fast (Germany)

If it wasn't for Fedor Holz and Dan Colman, whose tournament heaters was white hot, Dietrich Fast could be getting much more press.

In October last year, he won his first WSOP bracelet on the European event and followed up together with his maiden WPT title in February.

He was back at a WPT final table in March. Update: Fast was eliminated from the primary Event in 55th place.

$1 million Spin & Gos running now! Click here to get a PokerStars account. WSOP photos by

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Battle of the Planets: Four-way deal gives marky_crash the November titleNO Deposit bonus $43

Sometimes our final nine come from very meager bankrolls that might only dream of four-digits next to their name within the cashier's window. At those times, the players are quick to make a deal after reaching the general table of the monthly Battle of the Planets $50,000 triple shootout freeroll. Tonight after little greater than an hour of play, our final four: marky crash, chv89, ded1983, Kajzer Sose all decided to profit their good fortunes of winning two SnGs and outlasting five other final tablist to assert the lion share of the general table cash. The winner by the use of collecting the overall table's chips was marky crash earning $6,802.37 however the largest cut of the chop was claimed by Russia's ded1983 who took home $8,025.83.

Team Online's George "Jorj95" Lind sporting the Supernova Elite colors around his avatar took a seat with six others (one sitting out) at Table 36 in seek for another final table of this monthly triple shootout freeroll. In not up to an hour Lind would find himself heads-up against besar cz who last year almost took down the Sunday Million in July after being defeated heads-up against bmky88 but still putting off $147,774.79 because the runner-up. Today besar cz's heads-up match would end up a bit more positive, with blinds at 75/150 and holding a 5,971 to 3,029 chip lead over Lind, besar cz raised to 307 from the button as George shoved all-in. Holding 8♠A♠ besar cz made the decision and dominated the 2010 SCOOP Player of the Series smaller ace A♥3♣. The board missed Lind's flopped flush draw and gave besar cz a straight 9♥ 6♥ 7♥ T♦ 3♠ thus knocking out the Red Spader in 160th place.

After 90 minutes of first round play our 81 table winners locking up $195.00 each, gathered at nine new tables with the $12,000.00 first place prize only one SnG win away. Some of the players who fell in need of the general table were Chocoyote who installed a robust top ten Player of the Series performance throughout the MicroMillions III tournament series ($1,000,000 guarantee Main Event already smashing the guarantee running currently) would bow out tonight in 38th place.

Not succumbing to competition were Kajzer Sose and doitdoitdo1 who quickly picked up their seats while Table 5 still had seven players in! And yes, Table 5 will be the last table to call their champion to compete within the modern arena. With the blinds as much as 125/250 ante 25, p€troceli would min-raise from the button as Vishera took the bait and shoved all-in for 9,133 chips holding A♥6♠. Concealing strength p€troceli quickly called for 3,817 more with big slick K♥A♣. Strength preflop is different than strength postflop as a six peeled off 8♦ 6♦ 9♥ 5♣ T♠ and handed Vishera a ticket to the overall table and locking up no less than $775.00 within the process:

Seat 1: chv89 (1500 in chips)Seat 2: corto12 (1500 in chips)Seat 3: andyafc#1 (1500 in chips)Seat 4: marky crash (1500 in chips)Seat 5: Vishera (1500 in chips)Seat 6: ded1983 (1500 in chips)Seat 7: Kajzer Sose (1500 in chips)Seat 8: doitdoitdo1 (1500 in chips)Seat 9: dsnka (1500 in chips)

Not a peep

Most, if not the entire chat was coming from outside the table because the railbirds rooted on their champions because the usual nine-way split talks ceased to even start.

Late to the party, early to the exit

The last player to leap into the overall table was Vishera after a protracted stay at Table 5 but ultimately coming away with the victory. But, throughout the end of the 15/30 blind level Vishera would run into two unfortunate hands. First, ded1983 would pull a 2,413 chip pot off Vishera after you have maximum value off a flopped set of sevens, then three hands later marky crash would raise to 90 chips as Vishera sat at the button with pocket nines 9♥9♣ and shoved 389 chips into the center. The blinds folded but marky crash made the simple call with kings K♠K♣. Way to three tens at the board 4♠ T♣ T♦ 8♥ T♠ both players made boats, but Vishera's small vessel sailed off in ninth place ($775.00). Chocoyote was not the one player to boast MicroMillions III riches as Vishera claimed sixth place cash ($9,447.41) in Event #4.

Cor-ed out

With the blinds as much as 50/100 corto12 was clinging to 633 chips and raising it up from early position to 205 as Kajzer Sose decided to provide action with a shove to 2,135 chips from the small blind holing big slick A♥K♣. About as dominate as it is easy to get preflop, corto12 showed two aces A♦A♣ and watched in horror as two kings joined two queens at the K♥ Q♥ 4♦ K♠ Q♦ board to finish corto12's night in nasty fashion earning $1,200.00 for eighth place.


Still within the 50/100 level, another pair of aces would help trim our population from seven to 6. Watch below as ded1983 and andyafc#1 both slowplay preflop only to seek out disaster for one among them after shoving the 9♣6♦3♠ flop.

RSS readers please click through to view video

andyafc#1 showed pocket queens Q♦Q♥ as ded1983 calmly rolled over the easier pair A♥A♠. This time the dominating aces had no problems at the 7♠ turn and 5♣ river collecting the 3,900 chips and taking away andyafc#1 in seventh place ($1,700.00).


Despite the action packed name, doitdoitdo1, wouldn't make numerous noise at tonight's final table. With the blinds moving as much as 75/150 and holding a meager 714 chips, doitdoitdo1 would open shove from the button as chv89 made a spirited call from the massive blind holding K♠8♣. Call it a soul read if you want as doitdoitdo1 rolled over a worse kicker 7♣K♥. An eight at the door 8♠ 5♦ Q♣ 2♥ A♠ sealed doitdoitdo1's fate in sixth place ($2,200.00).

No more dsnka

Still within the 75/150 blind level dsnka, who has a 2012 WCOOP final table at the tournament mantel (7th place in Event 46 earning $21,735) would open shove from the hijack seat for 1,382 chips because it folded to Kajzer Sose looking smug within the big blind with pocket kings K♣K♥ desperate to make the decision. dsnka would wish help for the pocket treys 3♣3♠ and did not get the help at the A♠ 2♠ T♦ Q♦ J♠ board. Slightly lower than the WCOOP payday, dsnka still hauled away $2,735.00 in fifth place.

Four-way deal

The hand between dsnka and Kajzer Sose will be the last meaningful one for the 2012 November Battle of the Planets $50,000.00 freeroll as our remaining four quickly worked together to take the chip chop numbers offered by the PokerStars host shown below:

ded1983: $8,025.83marky crash: $6,802.87Kajzer Sose: $6,760.00chv89: $5,761.80

With the money locked up our players want into shoveski mode as marky crash would take the official title after the hand shown below:

RSS readers please click through to view video

K♠7♠ for marky crash would survive the 2♦ 5♠ T♥ 8♣ T♠ board over chv89's 3♥9♠ because the UK's marky crash claim this month's title!

November $50,000 Battle of the Planets Triple Shootout results (11-25-12):

Players entered: 510Places paid: 81Buy-in: Freeroll/Ticket earnedFirst place prize: *$6,802.37

(* denotes a part of four-way chop)

1. marky crash (UK) *$6,802.372. chv89 (Russia) *$5,761.803. ded1983 (Russia) *$8,025.834. Kajzer Sose (Serbia) *$6,760.005. dsnka (Czech Republic) $2,735.006. doitdoitdo1 (Australia) $2,200.007. andyafc#1 (UK) $1,700.008. corto12 (Croatia) $1,200.009. Vishera (Russia) $775.00

David Aydt is a contract contributor

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