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MicroMillions 6: expect more wins essentially the most in Event #85, $2.22+R NLHE (3x-Turbo, Saturday Splash Special Edition)NO Deposit bonus $43

With MicroMillions 6 winding to an in depth this weekend, probably the most last things at the schedule was a distinct edition of the Saturday Splash. Fans of this tournament comprehend it well - a $2.22 no-limit hold'em event with a turbo structure and unlimited re-buys for the primary 90 minutes that frequently awards. Normally it sports a $50,000 guarantee but for MicroMillions that was tripled to $150,000.

This Saturday's siren call drew 19,405 sailors to the shore by the top of late registration and coaxed 72,242 re-buys and 10,429 add-ons from their pockets, building a complete prize pool of $206,193.52. That arrange a top prize of $22,253.20, which might be awarded lower than seven hours after the tournament began. What else are you able to do with two dollars that may bring that sort of return?

By 4:37 p.m. ET the overall table was set, with 1.6M/3.2M/320K blinds and antes and these nine players trying to join the ranks of MicroMillions champions:

MM6-085 ft.jpg

Seat 1: MAGA777MAGA (131,975,370 in chips)Seat 2: it5tricky (31,418,739 in chips)Seat 3: tomicic (16,341,024 in chips)Seat 4: lahmaputra (36,867,088 in chips)Seat 5: Mist€r.pc (64,409,684 in chips)Seat 6: martella31 (77,149,291 in chips)Seat 7: RiKiHC (23,276,299 in chips)Seat 8: BUWUBALO (52,964,144 in chips)Seat 9: expect more (15,340,9361 in chips)

Starting with a bang

Croatia's tomicic arrived on the final table with a stack worth just over five big blinds and got it all in play at the first actual hand, moving all-in for 16M. lahmapura of the Czech Republic, also fairly short with just 36.6M chips, went into the time bank before finally electing to name with Q♠ 7♥. THe timing couldn't has been so much worse as tomicic held a dominating A♣ 7♦ and was a great favorite to double up. However the 5♥ 8♥ T♥ flop and 4♥ turn have lahmaputra a heart flush, and the 3♠ sent tomicic to the rail in 9th place ($1,237.16).

Nobody was desperate to get too involved, possibly due to the difference of nearly $1,200 between busting out next and making it to 7th place. Because of this most hands were taken down before the flop with little resistance. Hand #10 finally saw a transformation of pace as Russian player MAGA777MAGA's opening raise to 7.2M was re-raised all-in for 47.6M by itStricky from the uk. MAGA777MAGA called with A♣ 4♦ and outlasted Q♦ T♦ on a board of 7♥ 4♠ 2♦ 7♣ 6♥ to knock itStricky out in 8th place ($1,855.74).

The blinds and antes went as much as 2M/4M/400K two hands later and the pattern from the start of the general table persisted until Hand #15, when Romania's expect more flexed a bit muscle in position to transport into the chip lead:

RSS readers, please click through for replay

MAGA777MAGA made up for that loss partially at the next hand when Canada's RiKiHC moved in from early position for a bit of under two big blinds, MAGA777MAGA isolated with a raise and showed A♦ T♣, while RiKiHC held Q♣ 9♣. Both players paired at the 3♠ A♣ Q♦ flop, however the 8♠ turn and 6♦ changed nothing further and RiKiHC was gone in 7th place ($3,092.90).

The Russian player struck another blow just three hands later, this one the largest of the overall table thus far. The Ukraine's BUWUBALO opened the betting with an all-in bet of 45.1M, and expect more called from the small blind with 146M left behind. Then MAGA777MAGA moved all-in for 170M within the big blind, clearing expect more out of how for a heads-up pot. BUWUBALO had opened the betting with J♣ J♦ only to run into Q♣ Q♠, and and not using a jack at the 9♣ 4♥ 2♣ 6♦ 8♥ board the Ukrainian player was eliminated in 6th place ($5,154.83).

Mighty MAGA777MAGA

After taking the following pot for 30M with an all-in re-raise before the flop, MAGA777MAGA had a considerable lead with five players left and the blinds and antes still at 2M/4M/400K:

Seat 1: MAGA777MAGA (263,358,696 in chips)Seat 4: lahmaputra (40,488,112 in chips)Seat 5: Mist€r.pc (34,189,685 in chips)Seat 6: martella31 (103,509,289 in chips)Seat 9: expect more (146,265,218 in chips)

There was soon a burst of action that will cut into that lead. Portugal's Mist€r.pc stacked as much as 84.2M available #23 after moving in with K♦ Q♣ and getting MAGA777MAGA to name with K♥ J♦. lahmaputra did the similar at the next hand, with A♥ K♦ against the Russian's Q♥ T♦, for a double to 87.1M. By Hand #36 MAGA777MAGA held 187M chips and Mist€r.pc was in a great place to double throughout the Russian after an excessively friendly flop, however the turn changed everything:

RSS readers, please click through for replay

That eight at the turn gave MAGA777MAGA the 215M-chip pot and sent Mist€r.pc to the rail in 5th place ($7,216.77).

MM6-085 ft four-handed.jpg

That gave MAGA777MAGA a 290M-chip stack and the Russian put it to good use, leaning at the other three players over the following dozen hands and stealing enough blinds and antes to transport up over 340M. Hand #49 erased much of that progress, Holding A♦ 4♦, MAGA777MAGA opened under the gun for 125M, enough to transport anybody of the opposite players on the table all-in, and expect more called from the large blind with J♥ J♦. The 7♦ 9♥ Q♦ kept expect more within the lead by gave MAGA777MAGA 11 good outs going to the turn. The J♣ came there and took the 3 aces within the deck away but left seven of the diamonds in play. The 2♥ at the river was safe for expect more, giving the Romanian player a lifeline with the 207M chips within the pot.

Both lahmaputra and Poland's martella31 were hanging on with stacks worth about 13 big blinds. martella31 doubled that to be had #57 with A♣ Q♦ against expect more's K♣ Q♥, but after a lull gave much of it back available #72:

RSS readers, please click through for replay

The battle between the 2 short stacks continued after lahmaputra doubled through MAGA777MAGA available #78 with A♦ 2♥ against 8♦ 6♦. They finally ended up clashing with each other available #83 when lahmaputra moved in for 58.6M at the button and martella31 raised to isolate, leaving 4.21M behind after expect more folded within the big blind. lahmaputra was ahead with K♠ T♣ against Q♦ J♣ and stayed there after the board came 9♥ 5♦ A♣ A♠ K♣. martella ended up all-in two hands later and mucked after expect more and lahmaputra checked down the A♥ T♣ A♦ 7♦ 8♥ board, expect more won the pot with K♣ J♣ and martella31 left the tournament in 4th place ($9,278.70).

Standoff at three

lahmaputra managed to come back within the game to be had #94 after flopping middle pair and outrunning MAGA777MAGA's inside straight draw. Two hands after that lahmaputra got the easier of MAGA777MAGA again after flopping an inside straight draw, calling an affordable bet to hit it at the turn, and getting paid at the river. That left the 3 players stacked like so:

MM6-085 ft three-handed.jpg

Seat 1: MAGA777MAGA (129,363,931 in chips)Seat 4: lahmaputra (223,009,792 in chips)Seat 9: expect more (235,437,277 in chips)

lahmaputra put all those chips in peril in a nasty spot to be had #101, coming excessive of expect more's 14M bet for 185M with [A♣ Q♠ and running into A♠ K♥, however the board came 5♦ 5♥ 3♦ 3♥ 4♠ for a split pot. Ten hands later the Czech player's run would come to an end after moving all-in excessive of MAGA777MAGA's 24M-chip opener. The Russian called with A♣ K♣ and promptly caught two pair at the A♠ K♥ J♣ flop. The Q♣ turn left open the danger of splitting the pot with a ten, however the 3♦ hit the river instead and lahmaputra was out in 3rd place ($17,526.44).


MAGA777MAGA held a pleasant advantage as heads-up play began with 4M/8M/800K blinds and antes:

MM6-085 ft hu.jpg

Seat 1: MAGA777MAGA (374,773,723 in chips)Seat 9: expect more (213,037,277 in chips)

expect more only won one of the crucial first four pots as MAGA777MAGA kept the pressure on, however the fifth was a large win way to the easiest river card:

RSS readers, please click through for replay

Now it was expect more who applied the pressure, winning seven of the following 11 pots to transport right into a lead of 68 big blinds. The 17th hand of heads-up saw both players pick up big starting hands, expect more with A♥ Q♥ and MAGA777MAGA with A♠ T♣, and all of the Russian's remaining chips went within the middle before the 4♥ 4♣ Q♠ flop. Only running tens could save MAGA777MAGA, however the 5♠ and K♠ came instead to bring the tournament to an end jsut six hours and 22 minutes after it began.

Thoguh MAGA777MAGA fell one spot in need of the victory, the $17,526.44 runner-up prize was still ten times larger than the Russian player's previous career-best cash. Champion expect more's $22,253.20 prize was also a brand new high-water mark at $7,500 greater than the former best, though that tournament's buy-in was $109 in comparison to the $2.22 minimum investment on this event. That's serious money regardless of the way you have a look at it, so congratulations to both for his or her play.

MicroMillions-085: $2.22+R NL Hold'em (3x-Turbo, Saturday Splash Special Edition)Entrants: 19,405 (72,242 re-buys, 10,429 add-ons)Prize pool: $206,193.52Places paid: 2,475

1. expect more (Romania) $22,253.202. MAGA777MAGA (Russia) $17,526.443. lahmaputra (Czech Republic) $13,402.574. martella31 (Poland) $9,278.705. Mist€r.pc (Portugal) $7,216.776. BUWUBALO (Ukraine) $5,154.837. RiKiHC (Canada) $3.092.908. itStricky (UK) $1,855.749. tomicic (Croatia) $1,237.16

Jason Kirk is a contract contributor to PokerStars Blog.

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What happens in Macau... goes at the Blog!NO Deposit bonus $43

The Asia Championship of Poker (ACOP) 2013 happened on the end of October and everybody I knew left the PokerStars Live Macau poker site on the City of Dreams Macau stuffed with praise for the schedule, structure and how the events were ran. The ACOP provided an entire schedule catered to players with different bankrolls and that i definitely enjoyed it very much, although I only mustered up a 12th place in Event 1 and several other deep runs and a bubble within the "title events". The Team Pro flag was, however, well represented by my teammates Randy "Nanonoko" Lew who final tabled the principle Event and Celina Lin who made history by becoming the primary female to win a "Spadie" within the final ACOP title event. This cements her place as the most effective player in Asia along with her double red dragon wins.

Thumbnail image for Celina Lin - friends.jpg

Go Team Pro!

Poker events aside, the ACOP welcome party was really well received by all who attended. The pool area of the Hard Rock was transformed right into a party where players came together to speak over hands, put face to online screen names and... compete! There has been the inaugural beer pong competition where I, amongst many others, may need lost an additional dollar or two wagering at the hand eye coordination of the beer pong finalists! It was definitely a fun night and with all of the positive feedback given by those attended I foresee that the games organized may not be the last. Free flowing alcohol + quality food + games (for a celebration stuffed with competitive people) = successful party!

bryan huang beerpong acop post.jpg

Team Beerpong Pro Bryan Huang

Another highlight of the ACOP was the introduction of the Poker Pro tables to Pokerstars Live Macau. The tables has been a super hit and is a great addition to quell an extended overdue demand in Macau: low stakes cash games. For a very long time the exponential growth here in Macau has ended in the poker rooms spreading only high stakes ($50/$100HKD and above) tables and the introduction of the Poker Pro tables has reinvigorated the poker economy with the addition of $10/$20 (and up) NLHE & PLO games. It will only be an excellent thing for poker here and that i look ahead to playing on them on my next visit to Macau.

bryan huang pokerpro.jpg

See Bryan Huang on the tables

The next tournament at PokerStars Live Macau is in January where the 20 th Macau Poker Cup may be celebrated with an enormous guarantee - $8 million HKD to be exact! - and you may join it by buying in for $11,000 HKD or qualifying online on Pokerstars totally free! I AM HOPING to look you there within the events and at the poker pro tables!

Bryan Huang is a member of Team PokerStars Pro.

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Eastern Europe Is also Next Target for Casino Gambling OperatorsNO Deposit bonus $43

Harrah's is creating a deal to expand its casino gambling brand into Eastern Europe, making that area of the sector probably the most fastest-growing for gaming.

Harrah's Entertainment, the world's largest casino gambling operator, is thinking about taking up casinos in Slovakia, in line with a report by the Wall Street Journal. If the move occurs, it might only be the most recent spur to gaming growth within the eastern a part of Europe.

The paper says Harrah's has a non-binding agreement in place with Hungarian development company TriGranit to function casinos, hotels, and resorts in what's projected as a $2 billion project outside Bratislava. Harrah's senior vice-president of communications Jan Jones confirmed the report.

Earlier this summer, Seminole Hard Rock Entertainment announced plans to construct the biggest casino in Europe between Budapest and Vienna. And Russian casino owners, forced to desert operations of their home country when an entire gambling ban went into effect, have also relocated or considered doing so in Eastern European nations.

"Since all of Russia gambling closed down without the brand new gambling districts opening, there is a belief that there is real opportunity to construct new projects in surrounding countries,"  Jones told the Journal.

Further, Eastern Europe is seen to have several advantages. It has proximity to countries as diverse as Russia, Britain, and Italy, while enjoying a lot more lax government control.

Harrah's insiders say the take care of TriGranit represents a way to continue growing the gambling operator's brand without investing major dollars in construction of recent casinos, an element for the debt-ridden company.

Published on October 14, 2009 by VirginiaMaddox

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My private BadenNO Deposit bonus $43

In late October I traveled to Baden, Austria for the 2012 Poker EM series. This year marked my 9th year in a row traveling to this fantastic spa town near Vienna. To be honest, I've never understood why this event isn't more popular.

Baden is found about 25km south of Vienna. It's close enough to be easily accessible by plane but far enough away that it doesn't feel urban. We now have places like Baden within the Moscow region, however the problem is that after you ought to go somewhere in Moscow, you ought to be prepared to spend so much of time to your car. Traffic in Moscow is terrible.That's not the case in Baden. I REALLY LIKE that place such a lot that it the Poker EM series is well considered one of my favorite poker festivals of the year.

The series is held annually in Casinos Austria. It was an EPT stop for a couple of seasons within the early years of the EPT. In fact, in Season 2, the primary year that the EPT came to Baden, Patrik Antonius won the primary Event for his first major tournament score, worth almost €300,000. We all know how Patrik's career has gone from there.

For me, Baden is a brilliant place to chill and feature some fun. The hiking within the area is magnificent, and the entire town is built on hot springs. Usually I start my days in Baden with a walk within the forest. I follow that with a swim at one of the crucial big swimming pool complexes, then end with a steam in a sauna or a soak within the hot springs. All of that helps clear my mind for an afternoon on the tables.

I've used numerous that quiet time to muddle over Open-Face Chinese Poker. What an ideal game with a super future. It's spreading like a virulent disease between poker players at this time. Everybody who tries it once doesn't need to play anything (a minimum of from a leisure point of view).

alex kravchenko pokerstarsblogpost.jpg

"I'd otherwise be playing Open-Face"

At EPT Sanremo, we played Open-Face each day on the Royal Hotel swimming pool, and a few days within the hotel lobby. At the one hand, Open-Face is a mind game with numerous strategy and calculation. At the other hand, it's a thrilling action game that appeals to the internal gambler in most poker players.

In Baden, we couldn't play much Open-Face because we weren't capable of play it at Casinos Austria. But I've already brought Open-Face back to Moscow and introduced it on the private game that I regularly play in. Everyone there loves the sport just up to I do.Maybe sooner or later I'll work out why that isn't true for Baden. Not that it bothers me an excessive amount of. I LOVE having the ability to visit a poker tournament that has a more relaxed vibe than most.

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Remko Report Episode #38: Max GreenwoodNO Deposit bonus $43

Remko, a fake Canadian, sits down with actual Canadian Max Greenwood to discuss his poker journey, his fellow poker-playing brothers, and more. 

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High-speed PTZ cameras—DALLMEIERNO Deposit bonus $43

With the DDZ4220HD and DDZ4230HD Dallmeier launches new PTZ cameras with a resolution of as much as two megapixels. 

The cameras of the series DDZ42xxHD are high-speed HD PTZ dome network cameras. They're equipped with a high-performance Pan-Tilt-Zoom mechanism and supply real-time high-definition video with as much as 30fps at a resolution of 2MP. Probably the most advanced sensor and encoder technology and the subtle image processing provide recordings with excellent contrast, brilliant clarity in addition to highest detail resolution and colour fidelity.

The DDZ4220HD features 20x optical zoom and the DDZ4230HD 30x optical zoom with auto-focus. The high zoom factor makes it possible for the straightforward and discreet surveillance even of faraway objects. Functions like “Digital WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)“ and “3D DNR (3D digital noise reduction)“ guarantee good image quality. The superb light sensitivity of the sensor and the subtle image processing ensure crisp colour images even in low lighting. In night mode, the cameras also provide outstanding results because of the excellent infrared sensitivity. The PTZ cameras are equipped with a removable IR cut filter, and will automatically switch between day and night mode. In addition, different day and night presets for the exposure settings will also be defined and adjusted.

Up to 128 preset positions and 32 tours can also be programmed. Particularly useful in that regard are the adjustable alarm actions with contact closure: If a undeniable contact is closed i.e. triggered, as an example by opening an entrance door, the camera automatically moves to the programmed preset position of the relevant scene.

The DDZ4220HD and DDZ4230HD are equipped with a RAM memory that may be utilized by the EdgeStorage function for storing the video stream in case of a network failure. When the network is restored, the SmartBackfill function ensures a quick transmission to the SMAVIA recording system. This stores the video stream with high speed after which continues the recording of the live stream seamlessly.

The PTZ dome cameras are available an in-ceiling, surface or weatherproof housing. The in-ceiling variant of the camera is tested in keeping with the stringent requirements of the UL 2043 when it comes to flame retardancy and coffee smoke emission. Thus, it's approved for installation in air-conducting space, as an example in air shafts or false ceilings dissipating the air to a central air conditioning.

The PTZ cameras can also be conventionally provided with 24 V AC or conveniently with Power over Ethernet (PoE+).

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Manila Megastack 5: Main Event Day 1a updatesNO Deposit bonus $43

MM 5 Main Event Day 1a LiveUpdates.jpg2:40AM: Day 1a ends

Day 1a has just concluded with 49 players remaining. Chinese Taipei player Hao-Che Luo bagged the most important stack of 345,500 chips, Singapore's Alex Lee second-in-chips with 272,500 chips, and rounding out the highest three is Hong Kong's Alan "Kinglune" Lau with 249,500 chips.

2:30AM: Chua gets hit, Jo doubles up

Ying Lin Chua called Handong jo's raise of 20k preflop and watched the flop land 8♦6♥8♣. Jo checked to Chua who bet 25k and Jo called. At the turn of 6♦, Jo took the reins and moved all in. Chua folded. Jo showed pocket tens.

2:10AM: Bolung triples up into the 200k zone

Action began with a player moving all in together with his 50k stack and was called by two players, one was Sammy Bolung. Bolung intended to transport all in for a complete of 69k but since he said call, he was all in blind together with his cards face up. The flop landed 2♣8♥9♣, Bolung's all in was called and all of the hole cards were revealed. Bolung with A♣K♣ and was up against A♠K♠ and J♥T♠. The turn of 5♣ gave Bolung his nut flush, and with the river of 3♥, he was awarded the large triple up pile and crossed the 200k zone

2:00AM: Alex Lee climbing

Alex Lee recently won a pot against Soo Jo Kim and soon after, he picked up a much bigger pot when he eliminated a player who went all in at the turn board of 4♥9♥5♠3♠. Lee had T♣T♠ and was up against Q♦J♥. The river landed 2♠ and Lee shipped it.

1:45AM: Short stacks double up

We are entering the last two levels of the primary Event and from every corner, short stacks are pushing and shoving. At one table, Seung Soo Jeon went all in with K♥Q♠ and needed to get lucky against pocket sevens. A queen landed at the board and his higher pair earned him a doubled up.

At another table, Benjie Bustillo shaved Ying Lin Chua's stack when he was pushed by Chua on a board of 2♠2♦3♠T♠K♠. He called and his A♣A♦ prevailed against Chua's J♣7♦. Like Bustillo, Masaki Nakamura also landed a double up with pocket aces. He was called by a player with pocket nines.

1:15AM: Namiki rails Jeong; Hasse doubles up

With the blinds fairly high, short stacks are shoving at almost every turn. At one table, Jae Hyeon Jeong moved all in and was called by Wataru Namiki. Namiki had Q♣Q♠ and Jeong had A♠K♣. The board bricked and Jeong was eliminated.

At a separate table, Julian Hasse was all in with A♥Q♣ and was up against pocket tens. The board gave him trips with two ladies showing up and he doubled up.

1:00AM: Tollefsen takes some from Gonzaga

Henrik Tollefsen is raking within the chips. Having recently claimed a large double up against Alexis Lim, he earned another sizable pot this time against Terry Gonzaga. Throughout the hand, Gonzaga raised to 5k, Tollefsen three-bet to 12k, and before Gonzaga called, he told Tollefsen he doesn't fold. At the flop of 5♣7♥9♦, both players checked to get a free turn card of T♠. Gonzaga checked, Tollefsen bet 13.5k, then Gonzaga pumped it as much as 30k. Tollefsen called. At the river of T♣, Gonzaga bet another 30k, Tollefsen flat-called, and Tollefsen won along with his T♦8♥ against Gonzaga's J♣9♠.

12:30PM: Tollefsen doubles up huge through Lim

Intense hand between Alexis Lim and Henrik Tollefsen ahead of the break. Action began with a player min-raising to 3200, Lim calling, then Tollefsen three-betting to 11,300. The initial raiser tanked for a little bit but folded. Lim called. At the flop of 3♠2♣6♠, Tollefsen led out for 10,800 and Lim called. At the turn of 4♥, Tollefsen moved all in sending Lim to the brink of frustration. Upon getting a count, Lim still struggled, and minutes after the break began, he finally called. Tollefsen had J♥J♠ and Lim had A♦K♥. The river of 9♠ was no help to Lim and Tollefsen earned a large double up.

12:20PM: A sly straight for Camanyag

Reynaldo Camanyag kicked off the action with a raise to 3500 preflop and was called by Nickolai Alexandrov. On the flop of Q♦7♥T♠, both players checked. At the turn of A♣, Camanyag bet 3500 and Alexandrov called. At the river of 4♦, Camanyag continued to take advantage of Alexandrov and bet 4500. Alexandrov took the bait and was surprised to peer Camanyag's K♠J♣ straight. Camanyag won the pot with Alexandrov folding.

12:15PM: War of the raises between Kotani and Lagman

With a raised pot preflop already brewed within the middle, the dealer spread the flop of 4♠J♥T♣. A RAFFLE of 3500 was laid out by Tempei Kotani and Julius Lagman check-raised to 7500. Responding back, Kotani re-raised to 17,500, but Lagman was unlikely anywhere and he answered back with a raise to 36,500. This was enough to get Kotani to fold up and surrender the pot to Lagman.

11:30PM: Sia takes on Worth

Limp pots can get costly sometimes while pumping up a player in return. On this hand, Justin Worth, Reynaldo Camanyag, and sb player In Sin all limped in, and bb Joseph Sia checked. The flop ran 5♥J♥A♥, and everybody checked. At the turn of 6♣, Sin checked to Sia who bet 2700, and everybody called. At the river of 4♣, action was checked to value who bet 6k. This was good for a fold from Camanyag and Sin but Sia tanked. He took a while to decide, looking to get a tell from Worth, but he mustered up the heart to name and it was an excellent one. Worth had K♥Q♦ for missed draw while Sia had 6♦5♠ two pairs.

11:15PM: Jeong's snowmen hold firm

Jae Hyeon Jeong called a player's all in with 8♥8♠ against A♣J♥. The board bricked and Jeong eliminated one. From what we heard, Jeong was having an even win rate on the table.

11:10PM: Xiao Long He's cowboys rail the ladies

Xiao Long He was in a preflop raise war that ended with the entire chips within the middle. He had K♥K♥ and his opponent had Q♦Q♣. The board ran 2♦K♦6♦ making it a thrilling hand with a flush possibility. The turn of J♣ and river of 2♠ were good for He and he was awarded the chips while sending a player packing.

11:05PM: Gomes out Reyes doubles up and more

Immediately after Tse Ian Lee won a three-way pot, he called the all in of both Jose Reyes and Jordan Gomes. Reyes had 8♣8♦, Gomes with 5♦5♠, and Lee with 9♠8♠. The board bricked and Reyes won the pot.

11:00PM: Tse Ian Lee scoops three-way shove

Big pot awarded to Tse Ian Lee who was in a three-way all in action that began with Jordan Gomes limping in, then Koh Zhi Rong Winston shoving with 14.9k, followed by Lee who also jammed with 27.3k. Action folded all of the as far back as Gomes who tanked for a while. He had both players covered but when he were to lose, he could be severely crippled. He called. Winston had A♥J♠, Lee had K♥Q♦, and Gomes had K♣J♥. The board ran Q♠9♥K♦3♠8♣ and with Lee landing two pairs, he was shipped the huge pile while eliminating Winston within the process. Gomes fell to 6300 chips.

10:45PM: Day 1a tally

It is confirmed. There have been 220 entries to the principle Event with 150 remaining after registration closed. The full prize pool amounted to an enormous P4.8M.

10:00PM: Hasse dominates Gabitan

We only caught the action on the river betting with Julian Hasse and Anthony Gabitan staring down a board of 4♣8♠4♠A♠6♣. Hasse bet 3k, Gabitan raised to 9k, and Hasse tanked for somewhat. He eventually called and won along with his A♥4♥ full house against Gabitan's K♠5♠.

9:50PM: Kumar doubles up Horii

Yoshiki Horii was all in against Jude Kumar with Horii holding A♥A♦ and Kumar with A♠J♣. The board ran blanks and Horii doubled up.

9:45PM: Rule delay and pot goes to Gomes

There was a pause at Jordan Gomes's table as a result of a ruling that needed to be clarified. It all started with a raise by the utg player, then called by a mid position player, after which Gomes at the button announced a re-raise. After laying out the chips to check the initial raiser's bet, he counted out chips and slid them in for his re-raise. The mp player felt what Gomes did was against the principles so the TD was called to ensure whether his two-motion bet was considered a minimum bet or it was valid. The rule of thumb was to Gomes's favor; the TD confirmed that since he announced a raise, the 2 motions was acceptable.

Action resumed and the initial raiser folded however the mp player called. At the flop of 6♥T♣6♦, action was checked to Gomes who bet 10.7k and won the pot without being challenged.

9:15PM: Quads for Wu, stack as much as 120k

According to at least one of the players on the table, Chuang Yi Wu was in a hand with Michael De Leon along with his pocket fives landing quads at the flop. Unbeknownst to De Leon, the board continued with a king at the turn and a king at the river. Something ended in another, all of the chips were within the middle, and Wu won along with his quads against De Leon's full house with a king in his hand.

8:45PM: Lagman gives it as much as Tiu's check-raise

With four players in a raised pot, there has been over 6k within the middle and a board of A♠6♣7♣, Raymond Tiu bet 1800 and located one caller in Julius Lagman. At the turn of K♠, Tiu checked to Lagman who bet 2600 then Tiu check-raised to 5500. Lagman opted to fold up.

8:30PM: Takarabe cripples Lubas

Catching the action only on the shipping, Jay Lubas was very frustrated on the turnout of this hand. The finished board was 6♥4♣3♣3♠3♥ and he had five-seven for a straight while Takarabe had A♠A♣ for a whole house. Lubas all the way down to 600chips.

8:20PM: Tran earns a fair pot with an entire house

In a raised pot preflop, the board ran K♥A♠A♦ and Julien Tran called a chance of 1625. At the turn of Q♥, both players checked and the river card was Q♦. Tran bet 3500 and was called. He revealed his A♥6♣ and won with a whole house.

8:15PM: Longabela tanks but won't budge

Michangelo Longbela was happy to share this hand with us against Chuang Yi Wu. It all started with Wu limping in, Longabela raising to 550, and Wu calling. On the flop of 4♦4♠8♠, Wu jumped on the action with a raffle of 3k. This sent Longabela tanking for a while. He eventually called. At the turn of 7♦, Wu made the bet even higher, 7k, sending Longabela to the tank again. He eventually called and the river card of K♠ was felted. Wu continued and bet 15k, and Longabela called. Longabela had A♠Q♠ for the nut flush and claimed a large pot.

7:15PM: Notables at the felt

With entries now over 200, there are more than a few of notables to recognize: Germany's Julian Hasse, Hong Kong's Alan "Kinglune"Lau (APOY 2015), Korea's Seung Soo Jeon, Singapore's Zi Sheng Teo, Korea's Soojing Hong, USA's Cecil Bounds, China's Yongqi Ren, and Russia's Andrei Dementev, Malaysia's Alex Lee, Filipino Lester Edoc, and Macau Poker Cup 24 Champion Ying Lin Chua to say a few.

7:00PM: Over 180 players

We are an hour into the primary Event and there are 180 entries already posted at the screen with four players hitting the rail. A type of bust outs was USA's Gerald Casey whose pocket aces was cracked.

The principle Event of the Manila Megastack 5 is underway at PokerStars Live Manila. The Grand Ballroom of City of Dreams Manila is already filling up with players, while the registration line has many eagerly awaiting to get to their seats. The Main Event entry fee is P25,000 with unlimited re-entry and late registration until the tip of round 8, that is similar to 4 hours. Random updates might be posted here so check back with us to peer who's heating up the felt.

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