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WCP VIII: Day 1 ends hopes of Italian double, resurgent Germany topNO Deposit bonus $43


Who would have thought it? Reigning champions Italy out with barely a whimper. After round one and two performances that left them languishing in ninth position at the leader board, Italy limped out in their title defence with a ninth-place exit within the multi-table madness of round three. An ignominious end to a disappointing day for Captain Luca Pagano, an experience somewhat different from last year's finale.

Italy were first to go away (5 points) they usually were followed by Team Remainder of the sector (10) and Costa Rica (15) before an excellent one-man survival show from Anthony Monestes booked France 20 points for a sixth place finish. That left five nations with Japanese captain Masaaki Kagawa the player shoving but after a great day they fell in fifth (25) leaving Peru to grind on before falling in fourth (30).

pca wcp 1 final table.jpg

The round three final table

Three nations battled on past midnight, greater than six hours after round three began, with the Netherlands up to the mark but Boeken doubled up Heitmann as plucky Tajikistan fought on. Tajikistan were the following to head (35) losing a flip to Germany putting in place a Dutch-German heads up. The captains battled for a short time before Klaus Hornchurch despatched Johan van Til to take the entire 50 points completing an epic comeback for Germany who had finished the primary round in last place. They now lead Japan by one point.

1. Germany, 105 points
2. Japan, 104 points
3. Peru, 98 points
4. Netherlands, 97 points
5. Tajikistan, 92 points
6. France, 86 points
7. Remainder of the World, 74 points
8. Costa Rica, 73 points
9. Italy, 55 points (RELEGATED)

pca wcp 1 team germany.jpg

Team Germany completed an epic Day 1 turnaround

You can meet up with how Day 1 panned out by clicking at the links below. Play resumes at noon tomorrow. Meanwhile spare a thought for WCP floorman John Keegan who's running a 5k charity run in lower than five hours time.

The World Cup begins, Italy defends its title
How it works, the way you win
Japan bossing it, first round dominated by the rising sun
Water boy Jake Schwartz takes on Humberto Brenes
Round two results, another blistering performance from Japan
Multi-table madness as round three begins and Italy busts
The final table tussle for Day 2 dominance

Photos are copyright of Joe Giron (in play) and Neil Stoddart (with black backdrop). Credit and copyright is reserved by them respectively.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

WSOP 2016: Can't Stop, Won't StopNO Deposit bonus $43

I almost wrote a blog post several days ago. The title?  

"Still early."  

I was heading into Day 2 of the $1,500 8-game event on the WSOP with 100 or so runners still within the event. I USED TO BE happy simply to be still within the event because the WSOP summer had started off very poorly for me. I arrived in Vegas on May 27th and hopped in a $50,000 buy-in one-day event on the Aria. It ended for me in very frustrating fashion, busting in 10th place for no money when eight players got paid. I shook off the loss and got ready for the $300,000 Super High Roller Bowl which might kick off two days later.   jason mercier dog.jpg

The tournament ended up being an extended three-day grind during which I DISCOVERED myself in great position to make the money late on Day 3. That is where an issue arose within the tournament. Once we reached nine players, in place of combining to at least one table of nine, the play was scheduled to continue with one table of 4 and one table of 5. In an try to keep things fair, they'd move one player from side to side every 20 minutes. While it is a decent notion, it doesn't prevent the most important problem deep in poker tournaments (especially in SHR tourneys): stalling.    

A tournament this just about the money for this amount of cash should probably be playing hand-for-hand with 12 or so players left when seven receives a commission. It just kills the structure and makes the tournament unbearable to play when it's advantageous for players to tank and use max time on every decision.    I ended up busting in ninth place after playing three and a half hours with this alternating system. I became the shortest stack and ran kings into Bryn Kenney's aces on the four-handed table to bust out. While I USED TO BE disappointed and upset, I knew that there has been an extended summer ahead. I started the WSOP by playing the $10,000 Stud event and made Day 2, only to bust out after lower than an hour at the second day. I then didn't bag chips within the next eight events I played. That's where I USED TO BE a couple of days ago.

Now, it is a different story. I made a semi-deep run within the $1,500 8-game on Day 2, busting out in 35th, leaving me a lot of time to hop within the $10,000 NL 2-7 tournament. This event will be the one to switch my summer. I managed to make Day 2 of this event with around average chips after which bag the chip lead with nine players left going into the general day.   The final day went in addition to it possibly could. I went heads up against Mike Watson and came out victorious! At the final hand, Mike raised the button to 100k at 25/50k blinds. I called with 8654A and drew one, discarding the ace. He also drew one card. I caught a deuce, which was my nut card making me the most effective hands you'll be able to have on this game. I checked to Watts hoping he would bet so I'LL check-raise. He actually went with a fairly large bet size here firing 200k (almost pot). I DETERMINED to simply opt for it. I moved all in praying for a choice. He deliberated for a minute or two and eventually made the decision!  

jason bracelet 2016.jpg It was such an important feeling sitting there knowing that if he called, it might be "everywhere baby." It was my first bracelet win in that sort of spot. My other three wins were all either all-in at the flop or pre-flop. It was such an adrenaline rush shipping my first gold bracelet of the summer, winning $273,000 in prize money and collecting on the subject of $750,000 in side bets. It was an out of this world feeling winning my first bracelet of the summer and my fouth ever lifetime. There has been also the added bonus that winning would also put me in a super position to gather on a number of bets I'd made on winning two bracelets with a good shot at three-bracelet wagers, too.   After winning the event, I registered the $10,000 Razz event and made Day 2 again with around average chips. It felt like deja vu on Day 2. I ran so hot, winning crucial pot after crucial pot to make the overall table leading again. There have been eight players left this time going into the general day, and that i had the chip lead with 32% of the chips in play.    I USED TO BE confident I was going to win my second bracelet in three days and become the primary player ever to win back-to-back $10,000 championship events. The overall table went in step with plan until I bumped into the person that will eventually end my dreams of back to back wins: Ray Dehkharghni.    We played an attractive intense heads up match for a couple of hours through which he got the most efficient of me. I came up just short, finishing second place for around $160,000, leaving around $500,000 at the table plus the equity of the three-bracelet bet.    I was disappointed for literally a couple of minutes, after which I had no choice but to come back to the grind. Making these bracelet bets doesn't really come up with much leeway to skip events. I USED TO BE extremely exhausted after the match, and very just desired to visit bed. However, I jumped within the $10,000 HORSE ahead of registration closed. I bagged above average chips with 66 players left going into Day 2. Today? I'm chip leader with 14 left!  I'm really excited my parents get into town tonight. They're here to film my Pokerography episode for Poker Central and sweat me within the HORSE. 

I need to thank all my friends, family, and fans who've been watching, supporting, and rooting me on while I'm in this quest. It means the arena to me!   I know I AM NOT finished. The duty isn't done. There are still such a lot of more big-buy in small-field events left.

Don't be surprised should you see me hoisting another bracelet. #BraceletHunting

Want to play with Jason on PokerStars? Click here to get an account. Jason Mercier is a member of Team PokerStars Pro

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Final Table Set At Card Player Poker Tour bestbet Jacksonville Main EventNO Deposit bonus $43

Click here for live updates!

A total of 69 players returned for day 2 action on the 2016 Card Player Poker Tour bestbet Jacksonville main event, with the plan of playing all the way down to the money and then, the overall table.

What promised to be a protracted day was a comparatively short one as 15 players hit the rail within the first hour of play. Not even the large stacks were safe from the carnage, as overnight chip leader Austin Peck, who started the day with 105 big blinds, was eliminated well before the cash bubble.

Final Table Chip Leader Brian WoodsIt took lower than an orbit for hand-for-hand play to provide the bubble boy, Thad McNulty. The Jacksonville local lost a large flip and was eliminated, guaranteeing the general 37 players earned no less than a $1,678 payday.

Once the cash was reached, big stacks comparable to John Swope, Zac Stites, Brandon Miller and Brian Woods had greater than their fair proportion of eliminations, helping the tournament reach the general table of nine by 7 p.m.

Woods, who's a neighborhood poker dealer in Orange Park, will take the chip lead into the overall table. The overall table might be streamed live to tell the tale Card Player Monday afternoon at 2 p.m. ET. The blinds going into the overall table may be 12,000-24,000 with a 4,000 ante, meaning the common stack of 802,000 is worth 33 big blinds.

Here is a glance on the final table players and their chip counts.

Seat Player Name Chip Count
1 Brian Woods 1,562,000
2 Mark Smith 493,000
3 John Redlitz 721,000
4 Jared Reinstein 281,000
5 Brittney Loy 451,000
6 Jie Liu 460,000
7 Brandon Miller 1,051,000
8 John Swope 1,137,000
9 Zac Stites 1,091,000

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FPS Monaco: Sebastian Supper steers option to Main Event victory, wins €177,000NO Deposit bonus $43

From the 993 who entered this year's France Poker Series Monaco Main Event PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino EPT Grand Final, just seven were left for today's final day of play. Its ups and downs seemed fitting amid all the mountainous terrain here in Monte Carlo. So, too, did all the rapid twists and hairpin turns of Day 4 remind us of the roads surrounding the Monte Carlo Bay Resort and Hotel. After all it was a student -- one for whom geography is a favourite subject -- who negotiated the trail to victory, 29-year-old German Sebastian Supper.

EPT GrandFinal FPS-583 Sebastian Supper.jpg

Sebastian Supper - FPS Monaco Main Event champion

The American Michael Ferrari had made the official final table late last night before falling in eighth, which left seven to begin today.

EPT GrandFinal FPS-486 final table.jpg

The final seven

The young Spaniard, Pablo Gordillo, brought the largest stack by far to the beginning of play today, chips earned via an aggressive style he continued to employ early on while pressuring the opposite six.

Meanwhile two short stacks met their leads to short order. First to head was the Brazilian Sergio Braga, who couldn't last in the course of the day's initial orbit to fall in seventh.

EPT GrandFinal FPS-493 Sergio Braga.jpg

Sergio Braga - 7th place

And soon after the Italian, Luca Moschitta, followed Braga to the rail in sixth.

EPT GrandFinal FPS-495 Luca Moschitta.jpg

Luca Moschitta - 6th place

Eventually the others closed the distance with Gordillo, with the Frenchman Gilles Silbernagel claiming the lead for a brief while, then Gordillo's fellow countryman Manuel Martinez grabbing the lead away as Gordillo's fortunes started to slide.

Martinez would build his lead further, then Supper would finally kickstart his day by knocking out EPT4 London champion Joseph Mouawad in fifth when Supper's pocket nines held against Mouawad's ace-queen.

EPT GrandFinal FPS-490 Joseph Mouawad.jpg

Joseph Mouawad - 5th place

Relegated to short-stacked status thereafter, Gordillo would ultimately fall in fourth when his king-queen couldn't outrun Silbernagel's pocket jacks.

EPT GrandFinal FPS-509 Pablo Gordillo.jpg

Pablo Gordillo - 4th place

Like a driver taking a type of Monte Carlo turns just a bit too quickly for comfort, it was then the tournament began to veer somewhat wildly.

Down to only a half-dozen big blinds at one point, Silbernagel doubled up once, then doubled again after creating a straight versus Supper. He soon made another straight versus Martinez's two pair to double again, then after falling back would double through Martinez over again to snatch the chip lead.

Meanwhile Supper fell all the way down to even fewer BBs -- not up to five -- before managing to triple up versus either one of his opponents with pocket tens, then chip up further into second position.

Dinner then perceived to suit Supper. Everything went his way from that time forward, starting with the hand of the tournament that came about just after play resumed.

With the board showing 3♣6♥4♠7♣, betting between Silbernagel and Supper led to the latter being all in. Because it happened both had straights, as Silbernagel had K♠5♠ and Supper 9♦5♥. However the 8♥ landed at the river to offer Supper a greater straight, giving him the pot and -- suddenly -- the chip lead.

No one was more surprised than Supper.

"I didn't even know!" he said, not having realized the freerolling opportunity. Now he was within the driver's seat, and he would run Silbernagel down in third shortly thereafter.

EPT GrandFinal FPS-551 Gilles Silbernagel.jpg

Gilles Silbernagel - 3rd place

After being nearly right down to the felt, Supper was taking a 7-to-1 chip lead versus Martinez to the starting line of heads-up play. Supper withstood one double by Martinez, but at the next all-in was in a position to draw a winning flush to assert top honors.

EPT GrandFinal FPS-497 Manuel Martinez.jpg

Manuel Martinez - 2nd place

What a turnaround it had been!

EPT GrandFinal FPS-574 headsup.jpg

A finish satisfying Supper

"I don't play many tournaments," explained Supper afterwards, noting how he'd won his way here via a 10-euro rebuy tournament on PokerStars by which he'd invested a grand total of just €30.

"It's pretty incredible," he grinned, saying how he'll be continuing his studies (of both geography and chemistry), but that "it's usually nice to have some money to fall back on."

He will, however, perhaps indulge slightly to shop for something nice for himself. And again, there seemed something especially appropriate in regards to the item he's considering purchasing.

"I'm searching for a car on the moment," he said. "So maybe will probably be just a little of a nicer one."

Congratulations to Sebastian Supper for making his way through an enormous FPS Monaco Main Event field to the finish line and the victory.

Final table profilesFinal table; Level 29-32 updatesFinal table; Level 33-35 updates

FPS Monaco Main Event final table resultsEntrants: 993Prize pool: €963,210Places paid: 143

1. Sebastian Supper (Germany) -- €177,0002. Manuel Martinez (Spain) -- €107,5003. Gilles Silbernagel (France) -- €75,4004. Pablo Gordillo (Spain) -- €56,6005. Joseph Mouawad (USA) -- €43,8006. Luca Moschitta (Italy) -- €32,7007. Sergio Braga (Brazil) -- €23,5008. Michael Ferrari (USA) -- €16,750

There's tons more to come back from Monaco this week, with the principle Event already underway plus a panoply of side action filling every corner. Stick just about the PokerStars Blog for reports on everything from the EPT11 Grand Final.

To get all of the latest news, chip counts and payouts, you should definitely download the EPT App on both Android or IOS.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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888 Hand of the Week: Sun Doesn't Set On MateosNO Deposit bonus $43
HomeNewsWorld Series of Poker Adrian Maeos

A special event that went off this week on the 2016 World Series of Poker was Event #33: $1,500 Summer Solstice, which featured longer-than-normal levels of 90 minutes, giving the 1,840 players who showed out some extra bang for his or her buck in comparison to regular WSOP $1,500 events.

PokerNews was to be had for all of the action and can be in Las Vegas at some point of the sector Series. As part of our coverage, that may be dropped at you by 888poker, we will be able to be bringing readers a different "888 Hand of the Week" a week within the entire 2016 WSOP.

Day 5 of the Summer Solstice came right down to just two players: Adrian Mateos of Spain and Koray Aldemir of Austria. The previous had the name recognition and the star power, however the latter had a small chip lead, entering the day toting just below 94 big blinds to Mateos' just over 78.

With such deep stacks, it was inevitable that there can be some three-bet pots that swung things, and one such pot occurred available #176 of the general table.

Mateos opened for 200,000 which have been the usual opening size for the 2 players at 40,000/80,000/10,000. Aldemir came back with a three-bet to 650,000, and Mateos called, making a big pot preflop. The flop came  a-Spades  4-Diamonds  3-Diamonds , and Aldemir bet 490,000. Mateos shoved all in for 3.885 million.

"Why would you go all in?" Aldemir asked of the massive bet before deciding to name it.

He had the fitting read, as his  8-Spades  8-Hearts was good for the moment, but Mateos had  6-Diamonds  5-Diamonds for a monster draw of the open-ended straight flush variety.

The dealer burned and turned the  a-Diamonds , giving Mateos a large lead with a flush, but he still needed to sweat the river card. That was the  4-Hearts , no help to Aldemir, and Mateos doubled into the lead.

It was a lead he wouldn't relinquish, as he continued to siphon away Aldemir's chips until he busted him early within the next level.

With the win, Mateos grabbed his second bracelet — he also won WSOP Europe Main Event in 2013 for $1,351,661 — and the primary for the 21-year-old in Las Vegas in exactly the second one year he was eligible to play here.

He also pocketed $409,171 in prize money. Mateos now has just shy of $5 million in career tournament cashes at this tender age, and it kind of feels likely he's going to eventually pass Carlos Mortensen as Spain's all-time money winner if he sticks with poker.

The slow structure of the Summer Solstice makes it a haven for the skilled pro, and Mateos can thank the 888 Hand of the Week for propelling him to his second career bracelet.

As the 2016 WSOP rolls on, you'll want to stay tuned to PokerNews for continued coverage, dropped at you by our sponsors, 888poker, including weekly 888 Hand of the Week articles.

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PokerStars is the most important online poker room offering the most important amount of poker games and different game variations including Texas Hold'em, Omaha and other popular poker games. By joining PokerStars you'll be able to easily learn all of the poker rules and poker strategy by playing free poker games. Join PokerStars and luxuriate in high quality online poker.

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Build your Pyramid, win as much as $5,000 an afternoonNO Deposit bonus $43

We've all built pyramids with poker chips, beer cans, and absolutely anything that may be stacked up. Now, PokerStars wants you to construct one along with your poker victories. 

Today, PokerStars announced a brand new challenge, and this one goes to check your abilities on a daily basis for the following week and half. (Update: This promotion was extended to July 10!).

The new challenge is named Pyramid, and if you happen to be capable of build your own, it's essential win as much as $5,000 each day. Need to know more? The entire details are below. 

Ready to begin building? Click here to get a PokerStars account.

pyramid pokerstars.jpg

To build your pyramid, all it's a must to do is what you are attempting to do on a daily basis: win.

For a fair foundation, it's important to win first with a couple of kings or better. Whenever you win, you get a block to your pyramid. After that, you have to make two pair or better, trips or better, a straight or better, after which a flush or better.

As soon as you complete your pyramid, you'll be credited with a prize worth anywhere between $1 and $5,000.

Ready to start out building? Head on over to the PokerStars Pyramid page to start for your challenge today.

Ready to enroll in PokerStars? Click here to get an account. Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging.

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Martin Kozlov Wins 2016 World Series of Poker $10,000 Six-Max No-Limit Hold'em EventNO Deposit bonus $43

The $10,000 six-max no-limit hold’em event on the 2016 World Series of Poker produced one of the crucial toughest fields of the summer, with 294 of the world’s best players generating a complete prize pool of $2,763,600.

After three days of action, the title, the bracelet and the $665,709 first-place prize went to Australian poker pro Martin Kozlov. Kozlov’s previous best live tournament score came in 2010, when he finished first within the ANZPT Melbourne main event for $189,908. He now has greater than $1.5 million in live tournament earnings.

In order to secure the victory, Kozlov needed to overcome a tricky final table that featured four WSOP bracelet winners.

“Winning this tournament may be very satisfying,” Kozlov said. “It’s tough. It’s prestigious. It’s the very best players out there.”

While Kozlov dominated the overall table, some of the focus was on fourth-place finisher and poker outcast Chris Ferguson. The previous Full Tilt Poker executive was frequently booed while on the final table, and a handful of poker fans celebrated his elimination by yelling obscenities as he exited the overall table stage.

But despite the raucous environment, Kozlov said he wasn’t distracted.

“The crowd didn’t really affect me all that much,” Kozlov explained. “When you're playing, you get right into a zone and tune that out. You simply take care of the cards. You don’t take into consideration what’s occurring beyond the felt.”

It gave the impression of the players must return for a fourth day, but a double elimination at the last hand of the tournament provided one of the vital more exciting finishes in WSOP history.

Kozlov had the button and raised to 250,000. Justin Bonomo then moved all in for 2,920,000 with pocket nines. Davidi Kitai then reraised all in for 3,850,000 with pocket sixes. Unfortunately for them, Kozlov had an actual hand and made the simple call with pocket queens. The flop brought the last two queens within the deck, and Kozlov celebrated together with his contingent at the rail.

Kozlov is the 12th Australian to win gold on the WSOP. Australia now has 21 WSOP titles in total.

Other notables with deep runs on this event included Nick Petrangelo (5th), Jack Salter (6th), Vanessa Selbst (9th), Paul Volpe (10th), Steve Gross (11th), Frank Kassela (12th), Brandon Steven (17th), Scott Seiver (19th), Jonathan Little (20th) and Max Silver (24th).

Here is a glance on the payouts and POY points awarded at this final table:

Place Player Earnings (USD) POY Points
1 Martin Kozlov $665,709 1,140
2 Davidi Kitai $411,441 950
3 Justin Bonomo $271,856 760
4 Chris Ferguson $183,989 570
5 Nick Petrangelo $127,622 475
6 Jack Salter $90,783 380

For more coverage from the summer series, visit the 2016 WSOP landing page complete with an entire schedule, news, player interviews and event recaps.

Winner photo courtesy of the WSOP.

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